Gesture Drawings

As a person that relies so heavily on my drawing abilities, I find it very important I regularly maintain my quick gestural figure drawing. Each figure below was completed in just a couple minutes with a felt tip pen and the scanned digitally.

Quick Pose Gestures

These gestures were all about capturing the expression of the pose and capturing a sense of characterization while maintaining a realistic depiction of the model. Clothing and fabric studies are also a factor on several of the sketches. All sketches here were completed within 3 to 4 minutes for each figure with a felt tip pen. 

Construction Gestures

The gestures in this section are primarily about capturing a character with personality while displaying a knowledge of underlying construction of the body. All sketches here were completed in 2 minutes for each figure with a felt tip pen.

Quick Pose Silhouette Studies

Strong silhouettes are very important when setting up a composition in a storyboard or animation, so this section is about capturing the mood of each pose without any internal details. Each set of six poses contains 2 of the same pose from 3 different angles each. All sketches here were completed in 3 minutes for each figure, then filled in with a felt tip marker.